Commissioner Salut Saeed active for state of the art health education in Jhumra

Faisalabad (94 news) Divisional Commissioner Salut Saeed Chak became active in setting up a state of the art health education facility in Jhumra. The commissioner presided over a high-level meeting and tasked the CO Fedmic to take the industrialists on board.

The commitment of providing health education facilities was made by FIDMK earlier. The commissioner said that there is an intention to build a campus of DPS in Chak Jhamra and government land has also been allocated. Fadmak should support the establishment of DPS. He said that the load of patients in Tehsil Headquarters Hospital Chak Jhamra was increasing day by day. Along with the local population, the workers of the industrial units are also undergoing treatment. Faisalabad is the third largest industrial estate whose support in the health and education sector is indispensable. Submit your proposal to FDM, divisional management will support. The manufacturers are providing the quality infrastructure required to support their health education. Along with the TUTTA institution, basic education is also included. Hold a meeting with the stakeholders and make a proposal, tell them about the management's action. Keep the agenda in the minister's meeting. State-of-the-art school wealth facility is to be provided. There is state land in Chak Jhamra for DPS. There should be a facility plan in the school for labor as well. FDMK give your comprehensive plan, both facilities have to be ensured. Upgradation of THQ is required, visit CO Fedmic and CO Health to visit the proposed building and design the mechanism. Give comprehensive briefing on Monday.

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