Snow in Karbala and Baghdad, people were amazed

Baghdad (94 news) Baghdad citizens were astonished to see snow in Baghdad, making the pictures on urban roads due to snowfall in Baghdad was the second time in this century pyramid fight.

According to Snow in Baghdad during the last century. 2008 I was looking for but it was over in a little while. The Iraqi capital, residents say they saw snow for the first time in my life.

Says Amir aljbyry Iraqi media department head may continue up the chain of snow on Wednesday, causing an increase in cold, cold wave in Karbala, south of the hy.bgdad Europe snow fell, here are the shrines of Imam Abbas and Imam Hussein.

Iraq NAS which includes Mosul, in the snow, but are subjected to more heat from the stale cold central and southern Iraq, the temperature in Baghdad 51 Degrees centigrade is reached, but the snowfall on Tuesday surprised everyone.


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