Murree tragedy: Punjab Highway Department blames traffic police

Islam Abad (94 news) The Punjab Highway Department blamed the traffic police and administration for the Murree tragedy.

According to the report, no traffic police personnel were present on Kaldana Barian Road on the night of the tragedy.

The Punjab Highway Department in its report said that the vehicles of the highway department were stuck in the traffic.

In the report, the Punjab Highway Department said that despite the severe weather, neither the administration nor the police stopped the traffic.

The report of Punjab Highway Department said that 4 A large number of vehicles were allowed to enter the place with a capacity of one thousand vehicles.

In the report, the Punjab Highway Department further said that the machinery of the department 7 Was working in places.

The report of the Punjab Highway Department also claimed that the Highways Department had photographs and videos as evidence.

It should be noted that due to the severe stormy snowfall in Murree this month, the passengers got stuck in the snow. 23 People have died.


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