Humayun Akhtar also left PTI

Lahore (94 news) Senior PTI leader Humayun Akhtar Khan also announced to quit the party.

While giving a press conference Humayun Akhtar said that since the establishment of Pakistan, our family has had an eternal relationship with the Pakistan Army. Pakistani people have always respected Pakistan Army immensely. Being a descendant of Shaheed Akhtar Abdul Rehman, for me to stay in this party any longer would be tantamount to hurting the martyrs. He said that I am sure that the nation will continue to have a relationship of love and trust with its guards, the nation will never forget the sacrifices of the martyrs and the youth. I was deeply saddened by the damage done to the memorials of the martyrs.

he said 9 The events of May deeply saddened our family as well as the entire nation, especially the damage done to the memorials of the martyrs was a cause of great sorrow for them as the children of the martyrs and it cannot be condemned enough.

Humayun Akhtar Khan said that in these circumstances it was not possible for me to continue my relationship with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf, so he announces to leave the party.

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