Lylepur Museum introduced virtual tour facility

The first step towards digitizing the museum is Zahid Iqbal

Faisalabad(94 news) A tour of Lyallpur Museum can now be done sitting in any corner of the world. Lyallpur Museum introduced virtual tour facility for tourists.

Through this technology, the aim is not only to spread the museum all over the world but also to increase the interest among the tourists. Director Lyallpur Museum Zahid Iqbal said that the website of the museum http://Virtual tour facility is available at Open the website and click on virtual tour. Topora museum will be displayed on your mobile or computer. He said that this is the first step towards making the museum digital. The purpose of virtual tour is to create interest among tourists. When they get to know such a beautiful museum sitting at home, they will also come to visit with their families and friends by making a regular plan. According to the museum in-charge and I Officer Sajid Sattar, the museum can be seen from every angle through the virtual tour. If you follow the directions, you will easily enter from one gallery to another. Sajid Sattar further said that with the help of this technology, you can see the artifacts, pictures and maps displayed in each gallery not only by zooming. but the texts written with them, titles and history can also be read.

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