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Condolence reference of Ijaz Aslam Dogar under the auspices of Faisalabad NGOs Network

Chairman Mian Nadeem Ahmed presided, the special guests were Divisional Director Social Welfare and Shahzad Dogar Advocate.

Yusuf Adnan, Farooq Ayub, Shahzad Ahmed, Jafar Hasan Mubarak, Irshad Prakash, Satara Rana, Rehana Shahid, Madam Rubina, Madam Samina, Alfat Abbas with special participation.

Faisalabad (94 news) For the services of the District Officer of Child Protection and Welfare Bureau Ijaz Aslam and to rest his soul, a condolence reference organized by Faisalabad NGOs Network was organized in the hall of Child Protection, presided over by Chairman Faisalabad NGOs. The network was done by Mian Nadeem Ahmed, while the special guests were Divisional Director Social Welfare and Baitul-Mal Mazmal Yar and Shahzad Aslam Dogar, the brother of Ejaz Aslam Dogar, Advocate. , Farooq Ayub, Sajid Pulos, Shahzad Ahmed TVO, Dr. Jafar Hassan Mubarak, Kamran Ashraf, Shahid Anwar Advocate, Madam Samina Nader, Madam Rubina, Madam Satara Rana, Madam Rehana, Younis Shahzad, Abdur Rahim and special children also participated. of

On this occasion, the speakers paid tribute to his services and said that he was not only a government officer but also a great military figure of Faisalabad.

Chairman Mian Nadeem Ahmed said that it is the honor of Faisalabad NQOs Network that no organization or network has done condolence references of all the social personalities so far. Does not make a sound. But FNN will raise voice for social workers at every forum. Mian Nadeem Ahmed said that personalities like Ijaz Aslam Dogar were an asset not only to the institution but also to the people, with his departure there was a great void which will be filled only after some time. Yusuf Adnan said that he was always a public officer, a social worker and an excellent human being.

Shahzad Ahmed TVO said that Ejaz Aslam Dogar was a world in his personality, he was a person with heartache.

Muzmalyar Divisional Director Social Welfare said people like Ijaz Aslam Dogar are very few who survive because of their work. Today, he left the world, but due to his immense love for his people, Faisalabad NGOs Network is making a condolence reference in his honor, this is a proof of his love for his people.

Shahzad Dogar Advocate thanked the Chairman Faisalabad NGO's Network and the members of the network that you people have tied our dars, we realized how much my brother loved people. He was a loving person. But life was not loyal to him.

Shahid Anwar Advocate, Farooq Ayub, Irshad Prakash, Jafar Hasan Mubarak, Sajid Pulos, Madam Rubina, Madam Samina, Ulfat Abbas and others also paid tribute to Ijaz Aslam Dowgar in their address and expressed their best wishes for his family. .


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