Indonesia has also made major steps against India

Jakarta (94 news) Foreign Ministry of Indonesia has expressed serious concern over anti-Muslim riots in the Indian city of Delhi.

Indonesian Foreign Ministry media query about the attacks on Muslim life and property in the capital Delhi and summoned India's ambassador in Jakarta. Indonesian Foreign Ministry expressed concern over attacks on Muslims by Hindu extremists and hoped that the government will succeed in overcoming these riots.

Indonesian Minister for Religious Affairs grace alrazy made against human and religious values ​​they condemned the violence against Muslims in India. Minister for Religious Affairs called for the protection of life and property of India aqyltun. He taught India to demonstrate patience and faith rhnmauwn your country.

The miscreants to avenge attacks on Muslims in India can attack in Indonesia alrazy Grace said. In Indonesia's population 1.69 The proportion of Hindus in Bali, a province in the Hindu 83 Hy.uazh percent that Delhi police and government supervision in the number of people killed in riots by Hindu extremists 42 Has.


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