Asad Umar resigned from the party posts

Islam Abad (94 news) PTI Central Secretary General Asad Umar has announced his resignation from the party posts. He clarified that he is not leaving the party but resigning from the positions of Secretary General and Core Committee member. Asad Umar said that currently the country is suffering from a dangerous situation and only political parties can get out of it through negotiations.

Addressing a news conference at National Press Club Islamabad, Asad Umar said that 9 What happened on May was very dangerous for the country, military installations were attacked on that day, the analysis of the importance of the army was best presented by Imran Khan. If there was no discipline and powerful army, we would have faced situations like Syria and Iraq. The scenes that were witnessed that day are condemnable. Out of them, a worrying message has been sent. There should be a transparent investigation in this regard, and the people involved should be punished. , thousands of workers are in detention, a large number of them are innocent people, it is very important to release them as soon as possible.

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