Fayyaz Hassan Chohan then came back in the field, the Ministry found

Lahore (94 news) سابق وزیر اطلاعات فیاض الحسن چوہان کی ایک بار پھر میدان میں آگئے۔ پاکستان تحریک انصاف نے سابق وزیراطلاعات کو دوبارہ پنجاب کابینہ میں شامل کرلیا۔انہیں جنگلات کی وزارت کاقلمدان سونپ دیا گیا۔

Former Information Minister Hamad Hassan Chauhan made his return to Lahore House gya.gurnr cabinet took oath as minister of forestry. Acting gurnrcuhdry Minister Hassan Fayyaz Elahi said at the inauguration ceremony lya.gurnr House Chauhan Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar, ubldyat Law Minister Raja Basharat, Chaudhry Zaheer ministers, including the minister, legislators and senior officials. forestry Ministry PTI leader had fallen vacant due to NAB custody Sibtain Khan.

Remember that generous sensory Chauhan 2018 Member of Rawalpindi after which he was elected provincial assembly elections 27 August 2018 Was appointed Minister of Punjab, but he managed to fulfill their responsibilities for some time and 5 March 2019 Was discharged from the post due to a controversial statement, but now he was appointed Minister for Forests joined the cabinet.


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