Minister of Parliament, members try to meet, Sergeant stopped Arms

Islam Abad(94 news)Arrives opposition leader Shahbaz Parliament in the National Assembly, the Minister of amdprlygy the slogans of Parliament, the President of PML-N tried bahrjany to get out of the car badparkng, they said that bahrkhry my partner, mlnacahtahun them, you do not have permission to kugyt bahrjany Arms Sergeant said.

According to the Parliament House to attend the opposition leader in the National Assembly, Sharif agreed upon by the President PML-N to N parliamentarians welcomed on arrival and also their slogans in favor, severe eve of the arrival of the police pushing Peel League members who were in the police car kughyry.

Try the PML-N chief bahrjany the badparkng out of the car, my partner bahrkhry that said the chief, mlnacahtahun them, said the Sergeant of Arms said that you do not let bahrjany the kugyt, president of the League Kirmani, jauydabasy, mhmudbsyrurk is being developed to meet his chamber, PPP senior leader in the strategy of protest, the opposition met Khursheed lydrshbazsryf.


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