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We have to maintain an atmosphere of tolerant harmony and agreement in our ranks, Muhammad Faiz Rasool

The business community will continue to play its role for the integrity of Pakistan, Alhaj Naseer Yusuf Wahra

Faisalabad (94 news) There is an urgent need for the integrity and stability of the beloved country and for them to promote tolerance and harmony. And the communal tension can end-

In this regard, all the scholars and officials of Tehreek Ahl-e-Sunnat Pakistan will continue to play their role for the promotion of inter-religious tolerance and harmony, which is clearly evidenced today by the gathering of scholars of all religions in the central Sunni Rizvi Jamia Masjid, Jhang Bazar, Faisalabad. The message of the bouquet has been revealed in the Pakistan Seminar.

These views were expressed by the central president of Tehreek-e-Ahlesunnat Pakistan, Sahibzada Pir Qazi Muhammad Faiz Rasool Haider, Sajjad Nashin Astana Alia Muhaddith Azam Pakistan, while addressing the Jamaat Pakistan Seminar to the Jed Ulemas of all sects in the Central Sunni Rizvi Jamia Masjid, Jhang Bazar on this occasion. On the school of thought of Tehreek Ahlesunnat Pakistan Central Nazim-e-Ala Mufti Dr. Yunus Rizvi. Central President of Cloth Board Ittehad Group Pakistan Alhaji Naseer Yusuf Wahra, Maulana Ahmed Yousuf Anwar, Sahibzada Hafiz Muhammad Amjad, Qari Muhammad Arshad of the Hadith School, Shia School Dr. Syed Iftikhar Hussain Naqvi and others also addressed the Central President of the Cloth Board Ittehad Group Pakistan. Alhaji Nasir Yusuf Wahra has said that the current situation demands that we should maintain an atmosphere of tolerance, harmony and agreement in our ranks. Syed Iftikhar Hussain Naqvi has said that in the current situation, the administration, security agencies and the learned scholars of all fields should work together to formulate a systematic procedure so that anti-national elements do not get any chance of sabotage. On this occasion, Maulana Syed Haider Raza Shah, Ameer of Pakistan Sunni Tehreek, Professor Muhammad Asif Raza Qadri, Sahibzada Muhammad Mansha Salik, Maulana Hafiz Ahad Umar Farooq, Maulana Hafeez, Nadeem Wahra, Anisur Rehman, Dr. Manoor Fayyaz, Pir Muhammad Shamar Al Qadri, Ashiq Hussain Rizvi, Lala Umar Farooq, Ahsan Naseer, Rana Muhammad Abid and Sajjad Khan were also present. Finally, prayers were also prayed for the integrity of the country of Pakistan and the three armed forces.

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