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In Noor Muhammad Ansari Industrial School, the students completed the dress designing course, distribution of certificates

Faisalabad (94 news) Government Vocational Training Institute students on completion of two months of training in dress designing Noor Mohammad Ansari Industrial School Social Welfare Society Ghulam Mohammadabad, under the chairmanship of Deputy Patron Haji Bilal Noor Ansari, held a certificate distribution ceremony, in which Social Welfare Officer Romana Zafar Abid Ali, General Secretary Muhammad Arshad Qasmi, Finance Secretary Haji Sagheer Ahmad Ansari and philanthropist Haji Irshad Ahmed participated, Social Welfare Officer Romana Zafar said that the students of the Government Vocational Training Institute will undergo technical training in NGOs. It is gratifying to refer to, which shows that the NGOs established in the country are rendering the best welfare and welfare services to the people to make them skilled and successful citizens. The students complete 2 months of technical training every year in Noor Muhammad Ansari Industrial School, which is a recognition and encouragement of NGOs at the government level, Social Welfare Officer Abid Ali said that Social Welfare Society under the aegis of Social Welfare Department For the past 36 years, the society has been organizing the best welfare and technical training for women with a frequency which is less than appreciated, it is hoped that the society will continue the mission of serving humanity with the same spirit. The president of the event Haji Bilal Noor Ansari said that those people are the most beloved and pure people of Allah Almighty who are continuing the great mission of the welfare of humanity with their skills, time and wealth even in this storm of inflation and chaos. This is an ongoing charity whose far-reaching effects continue to spread fragrance in the life of a person who does good for the public. General Secretary Muhammad Arshad Qasmi said that if women follow the golden principles of Islam, then only springs will be born in their lives, Haji Irshad Ahmed said that Women should avoid the harmful effects of mobile phones, the misuse of mobile phones has increased the rate of divorce in the society to an alarming extent, the girl who thinks that deleting her messages will be deleted is the world of fools. I live, even after deleting, all types of messages are saved forever, so instead of creating bitterness in life, use it legitimately and make your life happy. Rasool Maqbool (PBUH) presented, later certificates were distributed among the students of the Vocational Training Institute.

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