Shahbaz Gul revealed more names

Islam Abad (94 news) PTI leader and Chief of Staff of Imran Khan Shehbaz Gul revealed more names in the investigation regarding the statement about the army.

Police sources say that the persons related to the private TV channel and Shahbaz Gul's statement are likely to be arrested. 4 There is a watch for persons who can be arrested at any time.

Police sources say that further physical remand of Shahbaz Gul will be requested on his appearance in the court tomorrow.

Remember that Shahbaz Gul 9 On August, the police arrested in Islamabad, a case was registered against the PTI leader in Bani Gala police station for sedition.

Including treason against arrested Shehbaz Gul 10 A case has been registered under serious provisions.

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