The world's richest man has donated large sums to save the world

Washington (94 news) Amazon founder of the world's richest and Jeff byzus company has taken "step byzus the Earth Fund" to deal with global warming, and for this he 10 Million dollars (Nearly one billion 54 Rs.) The money was donated.

That climate change is the biggest threat to our planet, so they want to fight alongside them to deal with catastrophic climate change Jeff byzus in a post on Instagram said're already working on the issue are.

While he announced the formation of the Earth byzus fund that will help them through the efforts of scientists, social workers and NGOs that are raised to deal with climate change.

Jeff wrote byzus put it, we can save the earth, large companies, small companies, including the part of all nations, international organizations and personalities in this case. '

He announced that the initial byzus Earth Fund 10 Million dollars are in the summer and they will begin to grants, the only thing they do is that we all share, so it will be safer together. "


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