Government decides to check Imran Khan's income

Islam Abad (94 news) The government has taken a big decision regarding Imran Khan's assets.

According to media reports, the federal government has taken a big decision to check the statements and income of former Prime Minister Imran Khan. 4 It has also been decided to obtain the bank account details of the employees.

Under former finance minister Ishaq Darke's tenure, the data exchange agreement under which the process will be carried out, under the agreement the FBR has the legal authority to take records from international banks.
Sources also say that the records of other foreign bank accounts including America, United Kingdom, Canada, Norway, Finland, New Zealand and Australia will be obtained.

PTI 4 The records of the huge sums coming into the private accounts of the employees are being sought from the State Bank, in the light of the evidence, arrests will also be made. These employees include Tahir Iqbal, Muhammad Nauman Afzal, Muhammad Arshad and Muhammad Rafiq. 2008 From 2022 Till date, the records of the amounts received in the private accounts of these employees are being obtained.

Government sources say that it has also been decided to write a letter to international banks for the records of international bank accounts of PTI and Imran Khan. Government sources say that PTI foreign funding 2013 From 2022 Records are also being sought, only in the PTI foreign funding case 5 According to sources, the records will be forensically examined by independent auditors while the FIA ​​and FBR will take action after obtaining the records at their respective levels. According to the sources of Geo News, the federal government has also decided to check the statements and income of Imran Khan, the statements and records will be compared and legal action will be taken.

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