Writing and Editing Help for Non-Native English Speakers

(NewsUSA) – Writing a dissertation or major academic paper can be an overwhelming task for even the most confident wordsmiths. For writers whose second language is English, the process can be even more daunting — besides content, they must also worry about proper English word usage, syntax and context.

Ironically, even having a native English-speaking friend review the piece may not help, unless that speaker is also familiar with the writer’s first language and can understand how the writer processes words.


professional editing service may be able to help the English as a Second Language writer. For example, the editors at Scribendi.com have ESL teaching backgrounds, so they know and understand the types of errors a non-native speaker of English may make. They are able to assist ESL writers in producing grammatically correct and idiomatically understandable English prose.

"It’s important to have some- one check your work before you hand it in,” said Chandra Clarke, a director of Scribendi.com. "Especially if you’ve been working on it in the wee hours of the morning, as students often do.”

Even skilled English writers can benefit from having a fresh pair of eyes look over their work. When writers know what the words should say, they often don’t find the errors in their own work.

Editors can see past the content of the words and catch mis- spellings, round up stray thoughts and smooth out the bumpy phrasing to polish documents.

Besides the assurance that the work is correct, working with an editor at Scribendi.com will help the ESL writer improve his writing by critiquing the work and the use of language. The editors make suggestions for better word flow and explain word usage issues and standard writing practices. The author can then review the document to see how the editors changed words and spelling, allowing him to further develop his writing skills.


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