Mind Power Workshop for Students By Baba Saleem Shah (World Champion)

The Greatest Power is the Power of our Subconscious Mind. Once we understand this and learn to use the power within us, we can create wonderful changes in our life. We can achieve many goals. How can we access this power of our Subconscious? Is there a Key? Yes. The Alpha Level of our mind is the key. This level can be reached through meditation.

Our Conscious Mind has 10% powers & Subconscious Mind has 90% powers. If we can do programming of the Subconscious Mind scientifically, it has the power to convert our desires & goals to reality. Between our Conscious state & sleep there is a most important state of Mind which is called Alpha State of Mind (Subconscious activated state). During alpha state our Subconscious Mind is ready to accept our commands & starts working on it. By learning how to go into alpha state when desired & to program our Subconscious Mind we can get lots of benefits. This workshop is all about practically using our Subconscious Mind.
(1) Reduce time spend on studying
(2) Pass exams with flying colors
(3) Remember facts and figures easily
(4) Improve concentration and save time
(5) Remember your own notes
(6) Make revision easy – and fun
(7) Have better recall of all your studies
(8) Have confidence in your learning abilities
(9) Revise in less time with greater success
(10) Earn respect amongst peers.

Mind Power Workshop for Students every Sunday in Faisalabad By Baba Saleem Shah (World Champion)


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