ISPR beat us, "Indian army in hybrid war

London (94news) بھارتی جرنیل نے اعتراف کیا ہے کہ آئی ایس پی آر نے ہائبرڈ وار میں بھارت کو شکست دی ہے۔یہ ہار کشمیر میں کور کمانڈر رہنے والے بھارتی جرنیل نے تسلیم کرلی۔

Indian Corps Commander Northern Command, Lt Gen (T) Syed ataءhsnyn Did ISP confessed R's performance in addressing the British think-tank said that Pakistan won the hybrid battle and India hargya, ISPR defeated India in the information field, Pakistan case information shown professionalism.

That the people of Kashmir to the wrong policies of the government rose up against us, ISPR is how to use skhayakh information, terror wave in the world and are unfamiliar with hybrid wars former said Indians general, haybrdjng Obviously is, ISP Orne told us.

He does not have anything added that conventional wars and America to understand 18 It took years.

The Gen (T) Syed ataءhsnyn Indian 15 And 21 Corps commander served. 15 Corps headquarters in Srinagar.


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