New Zealand out of the mosque after the Muslim terrorists in the UK kahmlh

London(94news) New Zealand was the world's grief after the attack and testimonies of two mosques and a group of kbragyy where three young British blue car during the attack with the hammer on the Muslims outside the mosque while trying to catch fled on board.

تفصیلات کے مطابق مشرقی لندن کی کیننگ سٹریٹ روڈ سے گزرتے ہوئے مسجد کے باہر انتہا پسند نوجوانوں کے 3 رکنی گروپ نے مسلمانوں پر ہتھوڑے اور گنڈاسے سے حملہ کر دیا جس سے ایک مسلمان نوجوان زخمی ہو گیا، حملہ آور مسلمانوں کے خلاف نعرے بازی اور گالیاں دیتے رہے ۔ایک شخص نے گاڑی کا پیچھا کیا تو اس کو کسی ہتھیار سے ضرب لگا دی گئی جس سے اس 27 Year-old youth was seriously injured in the head.

Witnesses said the attack young blue riding in the car were screaming and screaming and saying prayers to Muslim terrorists busy Friday. Are there people pursued the blue car there after which they fled. According to London's Metropolitan Police said the attackers managed to escape before the police arrive on Friday afternoon was nearly one o'clock call the police. He said investigation is underway to find the people and the white car and allegedly 20 Approximate ages of the year.


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