Bull rhythm to Queen Noor Jahan fans 18 Years have passed

Karachi(94news) Queen Noor Jahan rhythm throughout the world 18 Years have passed, but their sound is music to the ears of fans of juice today.

Queen Noor Jahan rhythm 21 Sep 1926 Poet was born in the land of the mighty guilt Bulleh Shah. He was named the Vasai. Madam Noor Jahan 9 The age of the singer.

Worked in Pakistan before forming the light innocent where many films in Mumbai, servants, mansion, red, heart, etc. peer and fireflies. Lahore Pakistan where she moved after forming urging continued acting aurglukary. Where light scarf, carnation, wait, worked in noisy, coal and Anarkali. Madam Noor Jahan had filled up a thousand movies love song Pakistan coat in heart rhythm and he gayy.mlkh 1965 Many of the songs were received during the public with their cattle and encouraged military songs.

Madam Noor Jahan 23 December 2000 From heart attack 74 Years of age died in Karachi, but also sang in their immensely popular public today. He was awarded the Presidential Award for Pride of Performance and discrimination Medal of stunning performances.


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