Masood Azhar, the case can be solved by serious discussions,Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman

Beijing(94news) China said that the issue of the UN Security Council Masood Azhar, head of Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorist list name can be solved by serious discussions.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Kong Lu Lu said this in response to a question about the name of the head of the Jaish-e-Mohammad in khy.aquam Nations Security Council during a briefing in Beijing Masood Azhar proposes to add to the list of international terrorists Kong the UN security Council are strict standards and procedures as a major subsidiaries, is clear about the position of China as a terrorist in the security Council Committee and consistent.

Beijing will continue to work through it by staying in touch with relevant parties to resolve the issue properly, serious and responsible dialogue we can find a lasting solution to this spokesman to more.

China's statement came at a time when India's international terrorist Masood Azhar's name for inclusion in the international list of active hy.slamty Council France, Britain and the United States by the name of Masood Azhar global terrorist list to decide on the proposal this week.

When the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman was asked whether talks between China and Pakistan also came under discussion Masood Azhar's Take Kong said China is offering to mediate between the two sides, making communication between them , stress that China is working diligently to reduce filing and improve their relationships.


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