The performance of TEPA will be improved in Faisalabad, Asif Chaudhry

DG FDA is committed to solving traffic flow, parking, urban transport and other issues

Faisalabad(94 news) FDA sponsored Traffic Engineering and Transportation Planning Agency (tapa) An all-round policy is being formulated to build it on a solid basis under a phased program. In this regard, short-term, mid-term and long-term measures will be taken for which technical and technical proposals are being prepared. Director General FDA Muhammad Asif Chaudhry said this during a briefing session on making TEPA active on a long-term basis to improve the traffic system in the city.

Additional Director General Abid Hussain Bhatti, Chief Engineer Meher Ayub Gujjar, Director Admin and Finance Sohail Maqsood Pannu, Deputy Director Umair Asghar, Assistant Director Waleed Khalid and other officers were present on this occasion. Dr. Kamran, an expert in traffic and transport system, gave the briefing. During the meeting, he informed about the technical and technical suggestions and said that through a complete study of the traffic system in the city, evaluation of the situation of various roads and intersections and road safety turning, TEPA can be adapted to modern urban needs. Director General FDA Said that divisional and district administration, traffic police and other related institutions are determined to solve the smooth flow of traffic in the city, parking of vehicles, regularity of urban transport system and other traffic problems. which will provide a comprehensive plan in six months, which will be implemented under a phased program and substantial results will be achieved. He directed the officers of TEPA to provide all the survey reports and other information to the consultant, to fully identify the problematic roads and intersections with regard to traffic and to inform about the local needs for the improvement of the traffic system so that it can meet the future requirements. An action plan can be prepared. The Director General said that for a sustainable solution to the serious traffic problem in Faisalabad city, full consultation will be done with Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce and other business organizations and important social groups, whose practical suggestions will be activated by TEPA. And will make it beneficial.

During the briefing, it was told that traffic management plan by the consultant identifies traffic problems, capacity of roads in terms of traffic pressure, road safety and prevention of traffic accidents, traffic engineering and traffic police and staff of TEPA. Technical training, traffic awareness program for citizens including educational institutions, improvement of traffic system, expansion and stability of urban transport system, proposals for road engineering and other data will be provided in addition to traffic count while intelligence transport system for smart transportation system. (ITS)The application will also be part of the traffic management plan so that citizens can get instant information about the flow of traffic by using modern technology.

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