General Election 2024, Faisalabad Constituency PP 113 Who will win? PTI or PML-N?

Faisalabad (94 news) General elections with the mutual consultation of the Election Commission and the President of Pakistan 8 Feb 2024 It will be on Thursday. The Supreme Court asked the Election Commission for a date and issued instructions to meet with the President and give us the final date of the election, after which the Election Commissioner along with a delegation met the President Dr. Arif Alvi and the date of the election. 8 Feb 2024 It was agreed to conduct the election.

PTI had majority from Faisalabad. Now the provincial constituency of Faisalabad 113 Joe's prefix 114 was 94 News conducted a survey in which different people got their opinions, people also gave interesting answers and it was seen in the survey that youth are supporting PTI and others are supporting Muslim League-N, the votes of other parties are currently very low. Give, but in the coming times when the election is near and the schedule of the election will be released, there will be confusion.

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