Strife in Sindh Assembly, Provincial Minister Mukesh Chawla opposition accused of prgaly

Karachi(94news) Sindh Assembly after being accused of abusing the Provincial Minister Mukesh Kumar Chawla became the Opposition House fish market.

According to the accused to opposition from uzyrparlymany amurmkys Chawla prgaly during Sindh Assembly session after the opposition started to look like a fish market of the argument that the Assembly strife between aursaydgny. Mukesh Chawla did not take out abuse records said.

Imtiaz said, explaining that he was not a member nygaly. Whether in the House or abusing the goodness Firdous Shamim Naqvi said. Speaker Agha in the rolling action to delete the words gyrparlymany Durrani said, are undergoing investigation.

Meanwhile saydgny answered the cry of the opposition leader and said it was a shame the bad atmosphere in the house was a scuffle between the opposition leader aursayd Ghani.


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