بنی گالہ تجاوزات کیس،سی ڈی اے، ایم سی آئی اورپنجاب حکومت سے رپورٹ طلب

Islam Abad(94 news) سپریم کورٹ آف پاکستان نے بنی گالہ تجاوزارت کیس میں سی ڈی اے, میٹروپولیٹن کارپوریشن اورپنجاب حکومت سے پیشرفت رپورٹس طلب کرلیں۔

According to Justice Umar Ata hearing Bandial headed in the 2-member bench of the galatjauzat case, CDA and the Metropolitan Corporation, submit the reports to the court, lawyer CD has said selecting sites for sewage and uatrtrytmnt plants, waste Disposal of land for dumping sites is chosen, Justice atabndyal said that over the agrsayts has the choice of MC, underground sewerage lines should be completed soon.

DG Environment said that CDA zoning rygulysnzmyn Backstroke potential turprkl decided to amend, slum, hospitals will be making decisions about the transfer of educational institutions, Additional Advocate General Punjab said treatment plants for platform litter of dead in Korangi Nullah the what are, Justice atabndyal said drains need to none except to prevent dirt aurjrmany punishment, the measures to be taken to educate people.

Justice Umar Bandial remarked that M. CIC April part of hutummkn review the master pLans illegal constructions will be regularized, in violation of the illegal constructions aurmastrplan population is very high, Justice Umar Ata Bandial said D O are not being given letters of writing, no response, Chairman CDA and must hukrjuab offer myyraslam settled, the court adjourned for one month trial of CDA, M. C Punjab have sought reports progress the government may become .


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