What was taxed in the federal budget and where was it exempted?

Islam Abad (94 news) The federal government budgeted 2024-25 I on different categories of mobile phones 18 Percentage GST imposed. The tax exemption given to Fata Pata will be continued for another year.

In his budget speech, the Finance Minister further said that it is proposed to give sales tax exemption on iron and steel scrap, sales tax withholding on copper and coal, paper and plastic scrap is also proposed, on textile and leather tier one retailers. GST 15 Increased 18 A percentage is proposed.

The finance minister further said that the income tax exemption limit is proposed to be Rs.6 lakh, the maximum tax rate for the non-salaried class. 45 It is proposed to increase the tax rate on filers and non-filers on capital gains on property. 15 For percentage and non-filers 45 A percentage tax is proposed.

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