Cheap dollar, stock market 17 The month reached the highest level

Lahore (94 news) Tensions between Iran and the United States is coming to see improvements in the business world after being reduced and its impact on Services in Pakistan because even today the bank and the devaluation of the dollar in the open market.

According to a six dollar devaluation of the dollar in interbank money market after the close of business 154 Rs. 82 On the other hand, have been money in dollars in the open market 20 The money is to reduce the dollar 155 Rs. 30 The money has been sold.

The stock market at the end of the last day of the business week 43 She crossed the psychological threshold of 17 The month has reached the highest level. When the business market 100 Index 42 thousand 523 The points, however, some improvements are anasrua shortly after, at the end of business 100 Index 683 Add points and market 17 The highest level of the month 43 thousand 207 .The stock market has reached a point 303,565,340 The transaction was worth 13,788,249,459 A.


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