Work will start in the second week of January Mohmand Dam WAPDA

Lahore(94news) Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) Mohmand said the dam will begin in January, work on the project will start from the second week of January.

According to WAPDA said that technical negotiations are ongoing with the joint venture contract award to gain international support for the success of the Mohmand hy.uapda dam made from the second week of January, the start of work May have benefited from lower bhau¿ water.

The dam was built in Mohmand 49 Years ago was adopted but did not start working on this project 800 MW will generate electricity and 12 Million acres of water to the storage capacity.

According to Wapda Wapda spokesman 2018 میں پانی اور پن بجلی میں اہم کام یابیاں حاصل کی ہیں جس کے باعث مہمند ڈیم کی تعمیر ممکن ہوسکے گی۔واپڈا کا یہ بھی کہنا ہے کہ دیامیر بھاشا ڈیم پر تعمیراتی کام کا آغاز بھی 2019 Is expected in the middle.

The Chairman said that Mohmand dam design was completed in 2017, work will begin soon. Neelum-Jhelum project are completed, the four unit successfully.

The joint venture partners are underway before completing said. In the second week of January to start work on the dam in Mohmand. The project was delayed for various reasons in the past. 5 After decades of being the main project in Pakistan.


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