Mini-budget, mobile calls from abroad to bring the shock of Pakistan shall now pay heavy taxes

Islam Abad (94news)National Assembly meeting in which the government has imposed heavy taxes on the mini-budget carrier imported from abroad, said Second Finance Minister Asad while an amendment to the Finance Bill there, mobile and satellite sales tax has increased the rate, $ 30 (Tqryba4ہZar 197)Less mobile phone sales tax will be Rs 150 .30 $ 100 (14 thousand rupees tqrybacar hzarrupy)In there, the cell 1 470 thousand tax was imposed from $ 200 to $ 100 (About 28 to 14 thousand rupees hzarrupy)Mobile phone price in there, 1 thousand 870 rupees sales tax will be charged from $ 350 to $ 200 (About 49 to 28 thousand rupees hzarrupy )In there, the mobile phone will be charged sales tax of Rs 1 thousand 930 to $ 500 .350 (Hzarrupy about 70 to 49 thousand rupees)The price of imported mobile sales tax is charged at Rs 6000 while the 5 hundred dollars (About 70 thousand rupees)Over there, in the price of mobile sales tax has been 10 thousand 300 rupees.


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