Imran Khan will not hear those five years, is out of the question, Zardari

The(94news)Asif Ali Zardari said that the meeting was announced in the "People hear today, Imran Khan will never take five years, is out of the question.

Zardari said while addressing a rally in Badin that we always talk about the rights of the poor and struggling, not against us conspiracy, conspiracy against the public, their battle just me 18 He said th Amendment to the end, now that take gas reserves, we do not hear from the wall so that people are not in my hands, the people of Sindh are very understanding.

The former president said that he does not have any in your election, it is not intended to go back to those people come to the people, You are the dollars do not know, now you have become slyktd PM lu.asf learned to listen to Pakistan that Zardari had predicted, Khan can not take five years, will not question, we'll take them all and let the competition.


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