Motorcycles in Lahore to make their vehicles 10 The deadline

Lahore(94 news) The provincial capital of ten million vehicles, motorcycles and rickshaws other transport is revealed on the open letters and motor registration authority canceled and blocked the registration granted to the ten day run transport of open letters, after which the system including will be.

The vehicles and motorcycles open letter across town from Safe facing extreme difficulties in your run City Authority. Excise and Taxation Department of Motor Registration Authority sources in Lahore half time 3 More than a million vehicles, 5 More than two million motorcycles and rickshaws running on other transport, including open letters. Transfer revenue is being lost millions of Excise and Taxation Department not to.

There are more than a million vehicles from the banks and leasing companies whose term despite its name, they were not citizens. Excise and Taxation Department Director Imran Aslam said Excise Department 10 The system has already blocked over a thousand vehicles. Ten days after the operation and will set up checkpoints on the roads open-liter vehicles will be against the law.

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