The hundred days will set a record that has done so much: Punjab chief minister claims

Lahore(94 news) He said that Punjab Usman Buzdar am every effort to meet the expectations and the days will set a record that has done so much.

Khan was a very simple man probably why I like them, does not the CM that quality in me, the grace of God, in an informal conversation with journalists in Lahore Usman Buzdar said.

I am trying everything possible to meet the expectations of the chief minister said, will set a record that has done so much in a hundred days, I said in response to questions ga.ayk tubaqaadgy Assembly began the process of legislation Reforms Commission that the police is working, the results will come out soon, while Nasir Durrani resigned on grounds of ill health.

The Chief Minister said that the water supply had become separated priorities hy.asman Buzdar Secretariat in Punjab before the next fiscal year.


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