Government 7 SBP month 4 Times taken over debt, report

Karachi(94 Web News Desk) The initial 7 Going from the central bank lending during the month loans for the same period last year. 4 Times were over.

According to sources in the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) Was told by the government since the central bank 39 Mukherjee 80 Billion was taken in the same period the previous government has taken a loan 10 Mukherjee 5 May be more or less in tha.hkumt billion from the central bank to Villa debt every quarter. However, they are generally used for the transfer of assets to pay the debts of the opposite tradition the loan taken from the bank was the year when he returned to his previous level, the volume 36 Mukherjee 70 Billion rupees.

State Bank 18 According to the latest statistics, the total volume of loans from the central bank from the government in January 76 Mukherjee 50 Billion due to an enormous increase in loans for the period reached Rs hy.hkumt is that in the auctions held in recent investors were not interested in government securities and bank interest rate hike likely due reluctant to invest in government affairs confirm the result, 3 Months T-bill auction is much more practical than a given amount of volume and shown as part of the proposed target.

Given the low interest rate loans and developing the scheduled banks in total income increased to borrow from banks to meet the seemingly lack the huyyhkumt are hua.kyal the government during the current fiscal year now scheduled to be paid to banks 29 Mukherjee 40 Billion from Rs total amount withheld during the same period of the previous regime, while 4 Mukherjee 63 ارب روپے تھی۔چناچہ مرکزی بینکوں سے لیے گئے قرضوں اور شیڈول بینکوں کو ادا کی جانے والی رقم میں گزشتہ برس کے مقابلے کہیں زیادہ اضافہ دیکھنے میں آیا جبکہ شیڈول بینکوں کی روکی جانے والی رقم گزشتہ مالی سال کے اس عرصے کے دوران کی رقم سے 6 Times more.

Remember that year 2018 The total amount accrued over a trillion 79 Million was the total government debt compared to Rs. 12 Mukherjee 26 Rs tha.kyal estate means that the bank is that printing more money, which always increase in inflation. However, stopping the latest data released by the State Bank in July Flame 2018 January 2019 Credit to the private sector over a period of almost doubling in private sector credit off take during this period 5 Mukherjee 6 The amount in the previous financial period billion rupees, compared to 2 Mukherjee 16 Billion to Rs.


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