The government has come again where prices of petroleum products?

Islam Abad(94news)FBR components of petroleum products released notification growth in S, the new price of petrol 108 Per liter, High Speed ​​Diesel Rs 122 32 Per liter, Light Diesel 86 Rs. 94 Rs 96 per liter and kerosene 77 Got money.

According to the notification issued hike in petroleum products FBR parts ST, GST on kerosene 8 Percentage increase 17 Percent GST on diesel 13 Percentage increase 17 Percent GST on gasoline 2 Percentage increase 12 Br gya.ayf of the cabinet approval before oil prices increased, according to a statement issued by the FBR fuel prsylztyks rates 2 Slabs 12 Fysdkrdy the petrol price increase tax of Rs 108 per ltrhugyy, High Speed ​​Diesel Sales Tax 4 Added percent, high speed diesel by Rs 4 per 89 ltrmhnga while the diesel has a new price of Rs 122 per 32 ltrmqrr.

لائٹ ڈیزل پرسیلزٹیکس میں 9 Fysdazafy notification has been issued, Light Diesel Rs 6 to 40 are ltrmhnga per dismantled that light diesel oil's price of 86 rupees 94 was 8 percent clay katyl 7 Rs 46 ltrmhnga paisa per .sylztyks was ltrhu per, was ltrhu per new price of 96 rupees 77 money kerosene.

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