OGRA has recommended a reduction in the price of petrol that you will not believe,

Islam Abad (94news) Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) Petroleum product prices have prepared a summary of changes in petrol prices only 50 Money is recommended per liter.

According to the Prime Minister after the recent approval of the summary by Imran Khan announced the new prices will apply to the Ministry of Finance notification of the new prices will be February.

Prices from petrol price only 50 Money is recommended per liter while ago came the news that due to the decline in oil prices in the international market in Pakistan 10 Money is likely to be reduced per liter but the government 4 Per liter, but may lack the summary have been talking all the wrong analogy.

High pads OGRA summary in the price of diesel 4 Rs price per liter, Light Diesel 1 Rs price per liter and kerosene 2 Recommends Rs per liter.


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