Special program on Radio Pakistan FM93 on the occasion of Pakistan Defense Day

Host Mian Nadeem Ahmed while guest speaker (T)Major Taseer Ikram Rana, Dr. Mazhar Abbas and Prof. Mudassar Majeed were

Faisalabad (94 news) Radio Pakistan FM on the occasion of Pakistan Defense Day 93 Special program “Contact” It was broadcast live, hosted by Radio Pakistan's well-known anchor Mian Nadeem Ahmed, and produced by Sundarila Naaz. In the program (T) Major Taseer Ikram Rana President Lyall Warrier, Professor Mudassar Majeed GC University and Dr. Mazhar Abbas Department of History GC University attended as guests.

The guests 6 Talking about the war of September 1965, he said that from today 58 Years ago, India attacked Pakistan by violating the international border in the dark of night, and after the Second World War, a shipment of large tanks rushed to Pakistan, but India jumped into a blind well, but it knew that. It was not known that the Pakistani army is awake and knows how to protect its borders. (T) Major Taseer Ikram Rana, Prof. Mudassar Majeed and Dr. Mazhar Abbas while answering the questions of the host Mian Nadeem Ahmed said that at that time there was a feeling in the whole nation that wars are fought with emotions and not with weapons and this was proved by Pakistan. And India was defeated by Pakistan in an incredible way that it will remember for centuries.

The guests while answering the questions of the listeners and callers said that today we need the same spirit again, today our youth has gone astray, there is a need to determine his path, today teachers, scholars and political leaders should play their role. need to. Today we are weakening our own country by dividing ourselves. He said that today is the day to pay tribute to those martyrs who sacrificed their lives and protected the country, the names of these martyrs will live till the doomsday. And every year 6 His memory will continue to be refreshed on September. He said that we have to strengthen our Pakistani forces and not let their morale drop, today we need to move forward in the field of education and technology.

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