Will events like Jaranwala continue to happen?

dated 16 August 2023 A tragic incident took place in Faisalabad's Tehsil Jaranwala. Where a man Salim Masih allegedly desecrated the Holy Quran, insulted the glory of Prophet Muhammad Mustafa, peace be upon him, and then what happened? An announcement is made in the mosque and the emotions of the people are played with and people attack the church in the form of a procession, setting fire to the town and burning down the villages. They would advise people to leave the place so that there is no loss of life and people would vacate the settlement. The AC would have been suspended, a lot would have happened before the police arrived. Then the police also reached and the senior officers themselves reached the spot and assured the people along with the scholars that full action will be taken against the accused.

The question is, is this a first? Will blasphemy continue in the same way, whoever has the heart to desecrate the Holy Quran, should insult the Holy Prophet ﷺ and then become a VIP and go out of the country and start playing with dollars, is there a law on blasphemy? no? How many people were punished? If there had been punishment, people today would not have taken the law into their hands.

Is it permissible to attack churches? Does Islam allow burning the places of worship of minorities? Are there no holy books in these churches? The name of Hazrat Isa (peace be upon him) does not exist? Is it not blasphemy to set fire to his name? These are some of the questions that are popping up in people's minds.

If someone was punished for blasphemy according to the law, today no one would have the courage to attack the churches in the form of mobs. They would set the village on fire, they would desecrate the Holy Quran, they would insult the Holy Prophet. They would have known that if the law exists, it will be followed. But if the law exists, why not implement it?

We were laughed at all over the world, the image of Pakistan was done all over the world? That we take away the rights of minorities, we are an emotional nation, are we even a nation or not? Nations take time to form, people have to tolerate, people have to accept, not everyone can be labeled a traitor. Not everyone is a traitor. Not everyone is anti-national. But the elimination of national enemies is also necessary.

Now, by diverting the matter from the original defendant, the one who insulted him was becoming red-faced and the discussion went on that side, why are the processionists doing this? Is this not a conspiracy to defame Pakistan? Is not the whole of Europe now spoken? Since when are the rights of minorities being denied in Kashmir, is nothing happening there? Why is Europe silent there? European Union?

Pakistanis need to understand, don't be the tools of miscreants, the miscreants want chaos in the country, now after this incident, some so-called organizations will take millions of dollars in aid for the rights of minorities, and the victims will get nothing. If not, organizations will get stronger, get new vehicles, and wait for the next tragedy.

We have to keep our eyes open. Don't let the peace of the country be destroyed, on such occasions, you can see what kind of posts are being shared on social media, deliberately incendiary videos are being shared so that more fires are ignited, and they shine their politics.

It is the job of the police to investigate, we should all help the police in this matter, we should provide them with evidence if anyone has it, so that the matter does not deviate from the facts. And until the investigation is complete, making any kind of comments and making statements of your choice that may cause trouble, and sharing posts that cause trouble is also a serious crime. Many times people create such self-inflicted incidents due to their personal enmity. And some would go to Europe by doing such events.

Now no one is speaking against Salim Masih why did he do this? Why did the group do this? We all believed that the group did wrong, but who started it? Is the accused not responsible? Due to which so many people were affected, entire Pakistan was affected, Muslims were also worried and not only Christians but also Hindus, Sikhs, Parsis and other minorities. Please, he should be punished because of which all this happened, then there will be peace and tranquility.

Civil society, religious leaders, political leaders have a big role here to advise people to be peaceful, do not like or share the posts that promote the issue at all. As we continue to share, things get worse.

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