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We all have to play our part to stop water loss, says Mian Nadeem Ahmed

Event on the occasion of World Water Day under the auspices of Fees Foundation

Faisalabad (94 news) Life is impossible without water, we all have to play our part in preventing water wastage. Foundation and President All Pakistan Private Schools Alliance Founders Mian Nadeem Ahmed said.

He said that at present Pakistan, like many other countries in the world, was suffering from water scarcity. Where governments have not built dams, millions of cusecs of rain water in Pakistan goes back to the sea through rivers and canals which we have not been able to use even in modern times. Mian Nadeem Ahmed said that future wars will be over water. Pakistan has very little water reserves. Water is a great blessing of Allah Almighty but we are wasting this blessing carelessly.

Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Asiya said that we have to stop wastage of water even in homes. Water loss must be prevented when brushing teeth, washing hands, washing dishes in homes, washing your motorcycle and cars.

Miss Maria said that nowadays we all build paved roads and paved houses but do not leave any raw space for rain water which does not charge our land and also water our houses now. 100 He has gone more than a foot, and he too is not fit to drink

Miss Noorinullah Yar said that we are spending millions of rupees on obtaining drinking water. If we had not wasted so much water, we would not be facing this problem today. She said that children are our future. Self-Monitoring Homes It is your job to discover what that is and to bring it about.

Mian Hamza Nadeem while addressing the function said that at one time clean water of river used to flow in our rivers, canals and canals and rajabahas but now the water of rivers has disappeared. He said that factories, mills and factories have to be stopped from dumping water containing chemicals. This poisonous water is seriously affecting our health. Which is giving rise to diseases like hepatitis. And we are also spending millions of rupees on medicines by drinking contaminated water.

The children also carried placards on the importance of water, which contained phrases such as "Save water, save us, count every drop of water, don't waste water".


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