The richest man cheated the girl for marriage

Uttar Pradesh (94 news) In the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, a young man was arrested by the police for allegedly cheating a girl by pretending to be very rich on a matrimonial website.

According to Indian media, living in Muzaffarnagar 26 On a dating website, Vishal, a year-old man, presented himself as very rich and looking for a girl for marriage.

Indian police arrested a young man who cheated a woman by becoming rich on the website.

According to reports, the accused asked the woman to buy a valuable mobile phone for himself and his family at a low price and transferred the money to his account.

According to Indian media, the woman had registered a case against the accused with the police after suffering a loss of more than 3 lakhs.

According to the Indian police, the accused had shown his ownership by posting a picture of a luxurious house and a reform house in addition to many valuable and expensive vehicles on the website.

According to police, Mills is a graduate who used to work in a multinational company, he also started his own business, but after the loss, he decided to become rich by cheating women to earn easy money. .

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