If you do not love what you do? Turkish President to address Parliament

Lahore (94 news) Turkish president has said in a message to Pakistan that Pakistan can stomach cut Turkey's help, we can never forget it, we take to forget to pray to bury anything on the streets, in siblings with Who would not love to do?

Turkish President'm grateful to be addressed oriented opportunity of addressing Parliament, I am proud of the joint meeting and glowing to welcome guests thanked Nawaz school, also by the public I want to salute.

He does not feel alien in Pakistan, feel that their home course correction, Pakistan home smjhtahun with you in your home, give you enviable for all Pakistan relations, to combine the leadership of the two countries. thank God'm paying, Pakistan has the status of a second home for me is full of our shared history with golden letters.

He abandoned the Women in freedom gave their bracelets, the people can stomach cut Turkey's help, we can never forget it, we take to forget the prayers and buried falling on the roads, the Turkish nation jhdky struggle can not forget the time hmatyun Lahore parties, how can we not forget those who leave despite threats, Pakistani siblings to whom they will not love you.

He said that Turkey's movement can forget how the subcontinent's Muslims in the caliphate, Kashmir is the same for us as for you, Pakistan's sad to remember our sadness to remember, this success is our success, future will continue to support Pakistan, fa t make sure to firmly support Pakistan to work, our friendship is not based on interests, O Lord our share is established.


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