Ever wondered what’s happening to your waste? Grade 5 students took up Recycling

Ever wondered what’s happening to your waste?”
Grade 5 students took up ‘Recycling ‘ as their PBL topic this term.

They learnt the meaning of Recycling, Reducing and Reusing through analytical reading and constructing objects out of Recycled materials like paper bags, mats and Totem poles etc.

This hands-on activity helped students to assess the wastes produced at home, school and their surroundings and think of ways of reducing it.

Some of the solutions suggested by our students to have THE RECYCLE BIN in school to bring awareness among fellow students has already been implemented.

As the curtain closes for 2017, 5th graders pledge to come up with another interesting PBL project for the next term.
Al Ghad Al Mushriq Private School / Beaconhouse School System Oman


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