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Indian cricket team was on the field wearing military caps against Australia

Ranchi (94news) Australian cricket team wearing military caps in the third one-day international match by winning the Indian cricket team off the field 314 Runs given target. Pakistan-born Khawaja 104 Innings runs scored while captain Aaron Finch 93 Scored.

According to India's decision to field after winning the toss in a match being played in Ranchi Indian players were surprised at all to see wearing military caps, unlike the traditional hats that India has once again playing the politics of color I color.

Aaron Finch and Usman Khawaja from Australia in the first innings wicket 193 Set up runs. Usman Khawaja 104 He scored 93 runs while Aaron Finch, Glenn Maxwell, 47, Shaun Marsh 7, Marcos stuyns 31 And Alex Kerry 21 The runs and the loss of five wickets 313 Runs up to the mountain.

Kuldeep Yadav from India bawlrrhy successful in getting wickets in the match but they are not behind the other players and 64 Exchange runs 3 Players way to the pavilion while Mohammad Shami get a wicket.

Series of criticizing the wearing military hats from the Indian players had been then, but after Australia's best betting that this criticism is now changed in trulng and says social media users Indians took to wearing military hats ہیں لیکن اگر یہ میچ ہار گئے تو بھارتی عوام ان کیساتھ جو سلوک کرے گی اور جس طرح کی ٹرولنگ سوشل میڈیا پر کی جائے گی، ان کیلئے یہ شکست بھلانا کافی مشکل ہو جائے گا۔


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