3 Of the Hindus to accept Islam, was uproar in India

Bangalore (94 news) Indian state Tamil Nadu 3 ہزار ہندو دلتوں نے اگلے ماہ اسلام قبول کرنے کا اعلان کرکے پورے بھارت میں ہلچل مچادی۔ دلتوں کا کہنا ہے کہ انہیں ذات پات کی بنا پر امتیازی سلوک اور ذہنی و نفسیاتی تشدد کا سامنا ہے۔

Dalits decision Mito palaym causing the wall to keep from falling Hindu upper caste Dalit community 17 Came after the death of Dalits. 20 Foot-high wall called 'caste wall' 5 Was built years ago with the goal to Dalits were separated from their upper-caste neighbors, this wall 5 December fell due to heavy rains.

Print the Indian news website, discuss, work for Dalit rights organization in raw Tamil pulygal (TPS) 'We face discrimination for decades alauynl general secretary said, 6 We still have many months ago that was, we decided to change religion, wall collapse incident has been resolved and our intentions, we will find peace of mind with the conversion.

He added that the 3 Thousands of Dalits will accept Islam, a religion that does not care about our lives, they are all members of the TPS Why should we sacrifice.

Dalits was built into the wall, ndur 'village to be excluded from the higher-caste Hindus, then building the wall says that the village of Dalits have been but was not made a pillar to prop up which the wall Gree and 17 People were killed.

The process of converting to Islam a nearby village, said Ranjit belonging to Salem 5 January 2020 From the start, this day 'TPS' 200 Islam members will continue the series after which, "all our organization has decided to convert to Islam, our numbers 3 Thousands of Muslims and all people will be in the next few months. "

This is not the first time that weary from discrimination're Dalit community as Islam. 1981 When the state of Tamil Nadu was shaken 800 The news had come to accept the Dalits. BJP's Meenakshi Puram village in the distance 300 Families were in the raised voices outside the state in which he had converted to Islam, so many people Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee to the village this time on the issue of Islam in order to convert Dalits to Islam to review the reasons.


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