215R.b placed on the trolley poles rather than in power transformers nythry taken the life of a child

Faisalabad (94 news) WAPDA placed on trolleys in the busy streets of the power distribution transformers, 215 B placed on the trolley in the transformer nythry 13 Lee lives year-old child.

According to police the area was placed on the trolley instead of the long-Bedroom Pool in Chak No. 215-r b nythry on Lucknow Road, Lahore, shocked a woman from electrocution in the past, but she was saved, but at the same time people have complained FESCO FESCO allegedly repeatedly reporting the staff paid no attention, residents said so several times, the day after Eid rain today 13 Year-old boy was passing, and his hand was slippery due to rain was thought to be the transformer on the trolley, the trolley being short child was killed on the spot,

Rescue 1122 Came despite sealed the area, FESCO staff report 2 The late hour, residents began to come FESCO staff stopped the car and protests, said that unless people FESCO staff officers will not be allowed to go.



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