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20 October being the mobile phone has not stopped since.

Islam Abad (94 news )Government 20 Oct decided to stop counterfeit and smuggled mobile phones powered with IMET No. postponed.

According to Pakistan Mobile Union delegation Minister for Revenue Hamad met Azhar during which the minister has assured that currently lost and stolen mobile phones being not however use baddygr countries amending the law trade of mobile phones will be able to continue.

English newspaper The News that the government has claimed, citing the high figure 20 October has been postponed to turn off mobile phones and in this regard by Pakistan Telecommunication will be soon issued a press release that it has been delayed for so long.

They were seized in Pakistan or sophisticated system device to block smuggling mobile phones fykysn Registration and Identification System blocking (DI RBS) Work policy was introduced hy.tyly 2015 The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority zyrtht (PTA) This system has been introduced which will ensure the registration of mobile devices, while going away, it is possible to identify counterfeit or smuggled phones and block them.

The device verification system (DVD S) According to the regulations of the PTA phone users SME's 8484 You can confirm the SMS to mobile devices or can download from Google Play Store and Apple CD-R BS dau¿n Android mobile app.


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