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Unique Distribution Education School held the annual ceremony, prizes were distributed to children

Faisalabad (94 news) Unique Educational School annual ceremony was held at a local hotel in Mansur,

Distributed prizes among children receiving position at the ceremony, that the said principal Umair Ahmed We are paying special attention to training with education, to be able to highlight the hidden talents of the children, our goal is the most important children's society the child responsible when it comes to making member, patriotic and become a successful person.

Your children are our future, the guest said special President All Pakistan Private Schools Mian Nadeem Ahmed and training with better their children's teachers, parents make the most of the children, teachers and adults respect is our responsibility to teach the children to become decent citizens, he said that if he is abject does not respect society teacher, becomes the duty of the teacher to children, Optimizing way, these children took over the reins of our country.

On this occasion, the children also performed patriotic songs to pay tribute to the table, plays and Pakistan forces of various kinds,


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