Samples of wine are changed into the hospital room: Chief Justice of Pakistan

Islam Abad: Justice Mian Saqib Nisar said the changes were samples of wine in the hospital room, just in time to take alcohol krbndy jail.

Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Saqib Nisar said that the Memon prison was better than a five-star hotel room, you have to take action themselves to send samples from prison, came out honey and olive exports to the bottles, the gel people are talking to betray and deliver.

The chief justice said the cases of hearing so that is a lot of noise on the raid on the jail in Karachi yesterday, and there felt like I was in a presidential suite, five star had more amenities than hotels , It has nothing to do in the laboratory wine samples that were changed or what, it would take agrsrab when taking samples from test and control the person to jail.

چیف جسٹس نے کہا کہ وہ خود شراب نہیں پیتے اور اگر کوئی دوسرا پیتا ہے تو بھی انھیں فرق نہیں پڑتا۔ شرجیل میمن کے کمرے میں شہد کی کوئی بوتل نہیں دیکھی۔ شرجیل میمن نے بھی شراب سے انکار نہیں کیا اور صرف یہ کہا کہ بوتلیں ان کی نہیں، اس سب جیل میں راتوں کو جو گفتگو ہوتی ہے وہ بھی پتہ ہے، وہاں یہ بھی باتیں ہوتی ہیں کہ کسے پکڑانا اور کس کو چھڑوانا ہے۔


They were sent in two large hospitals in Karachi Memon blood samples from Agha Khan Hospital laboratory has confirmed reports that the factor of alcohol found in the blood Memon.

The report declared normal plasma alcohol were three written tests related to the use of alcohol was detected knots, Memon blood samples were taken on the morning of September the report was released yesterday.


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