Kalash people are citizens, they can be mjburnhyn word reading, SC

Islam Abad(94 news) Kailash Kailash Chief Justice said in his remarks to the citizens in case of occupation of the land of the tribe, their rights, they can not be forced to read the word.

According to the 3-member bench headed by Chief Justice Nisar to Supreme Court case concerning the occupation of the land of the Kalash, the court hearing issued notices to all elected representatives including Kailash MNA and MPA krdyyy.smaat in KP's lawyer said the case is pending before grabbing the Peshawar High court Chief Justice remarked Kailash public good conditions, the resolution of their rope.

He said Kailash valley is beautiful, not to allow the occupation of their lands gy.jsts Nisar said Kailash public citizen in further remarks, their rights, they are not forced to read the Word jaskta.bad court adjourned the hearing indefinitely.


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