People who do not deserve to rule: Chief Justice

Islam Abad(94 news) Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Mian Saqib Nisar said in remarks during the hearing related to the forestry land lease in Sindh who have no right to rule Why do they, who do not work do not deserve to rule.

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court bench hearing the case in Pakistan led to intense anger of the Chief Conservator of Forests.

Advocate General Sindh told the court that forests 70 Non-thousand acres were legally lease that has not been canceled yet Justice Faisal Arab land has been allotted forests CM orders.

Justice forests to the atmosphere during the conversation Advocate General Sindh are extremely important, 30 October, the court did not follow up to the Cabinet order was placed, leave if you do not work office, which is why they they have no right to rule, the working people do not deserve to rule.

Justice Ijaz ul Hasan million was observed 45 Why are thousands of acres of forest land have been illegal constructions, the Sindh government says was illegal allotment of influential people, putting pressure on thousands of acres of land.

The applicant requested the allotted forest land illegally Omnicom Group.

The court said the government did not release any attempt to capture, Chief Justice of Pakistan said that the General Survey was ordered to limit Pakistan's four provinces, has not reported nhyn.cyf Justice Mian Nisar will accept, said the government had never thought that illegal work and then take no action on the gy'.cyf Justice Pakistan 9 History will hear the case in Karachi, Sindh 8 Answer submitted until January.


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