Chak Jhumra clash between two groups in the area, fired a result retired soldier wounded

Czech JھMrہ(Mian Asif) Another area of ​​Chak Chak Jhumra 187 R.b was a clash between two groups based on rivalry in bluanh, alleged opponents legs riddled with bullets were fired from two retired military Mohammad Munir.

تفصیلات کے مطابق دو سال قبل ریٹائر فوجی محمد منیر کے چھوٹے بھائی غلام شبیر کو مخالفین نے قتل کردیا تھا، جس کا مقدمہ عدالت میں زیر سماعت ہے، محمد منیر اپنے بھائی کے مقدمہ کی پیروی کررہا تھا،

Munir hit has accused the suspects were being given the threats that do not follow suit, otherwise you'll have to face the consequences, while Munir did not follow the trial of his brother, now almost 3:30Pm Munir was camped by his family to say suspects behind the attack was seriously injured Munir, and the suspects fled,

Munir was taken to hospital in critical condition.


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